January 25, 2015

Good Evening Parents,

I hope everyone is well and heathy. The flu is all around us. Make sure your children are taking good care of themselves by sleeping at a timely hour, eating a balanced meal, and excercising.

We are really enjoying our  daily P.E. outing. We are learning about personal space and moving about in all directions. I’m glad to see students wearing appropriate shows. Also, I want to congratulate all 7 students who achieved 80% or higher on their A.R. quiz and earned 10 stars. I am hopeful that more students  will achieve this goal next time. Here are some upcoming events.:

1/27-100th day of school and Dual Immersion Social @4:00

1/29- Zoo assembly @ Hedenkamp

1/30- Mother/Son Dance

3/10- Field trip to Smarty Plants(more info. later)

Keep up with the reading!

Mrs. Glover


January 20th

Good Evening,

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and enjoyed the  Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Your child has been  learning about his contributions and why he is a famous American.

This week’s homework has an error. There are two por que’s on the spelling portion. Please change the last word to “que”   which means what. Continue to work on Pipo and Raz Kids. There are a few students who have not logged into Raz Kids. I would like to change  students’ levels soon. Please make sure your child reads their A.R. book and returns books before our library day which is every Wed. It is really difficult for me and the libarían to do check out after the fact. Here are a few of some upcoming events:

1/27 -Tues. Dual Immersion Social @4:00 -a time to interact with other Dual Immersion families. Nachos will be served.

1/30-Mother/Son Dance @ 6:00 pm


January 12, 2015

Welcome Back Students and Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful winter break and  are ready to start a new quarter. We will start enjoying  P.E. Monday-Friday, so please  make sure your child  wears appropriate shoes. Please make sure your child bring their library books tomorrow so they can check out two more books and take their A.R Quiz. Also, homework will be given tomorrow so please be on the  look out for it. Here are a few  upcoming events:

1/19  Legal Holiday-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/29 zoo assembly@ Hedenkamp

1/31 Mother/Son Dance

2/5 Spring Pictures