November 1, 2015

Hope everyone had a super Halloween this year! Halloween on a Saturday is the best!
This week we will begin Chapter 4 in Math introducing subtraction strategies. Continue with a daily review of addition and subtractión facts as students are taking 90 second sprints on facts twice a week.
In science, students will be researching an animal and presenting their informative writing to the class.

Class Do Jo is ongoing. Positive Do Jo points go to students who are on task during class discussion or classwork, prepared with a book, pencil, and paper, quickly and quietly gets in line, teamwork, and collaboration with a partner. Class Do Jo points get taken away when students are not prepared with materials, are off task during learning, and not collaborating with their partners. On Friday, I reward students who have earned 15 pts or more. Monday I renew the points. Students are enjoying receiving Do Jo points and understand about making good choices throughout the day. Students are taking charge of their behavior.

Here are a few reminders for the week:
Field trip Permisión slips and $15.00 donations due by Nov. 13. I will send out a permisión slip for those who have not turned it in.
11/5 @ 8:00 Give Thanks to Reading-Come read and have a tasty pastry with your child.
11/11 Veteran’s Day- No school